Divine Mahara

Singer-songwriter Divine Mahara seamlessly blends folk, Afropop, Americana, and elements from his Zimbabwean heritage into his music. Displaying a distinct artistic style and captivating vocals, Mahara has graced numerous music stages, leaving a lasting impact. Drawing inspiration from his Zimbabwean roots, his musical prowess has drawn comparisons to iconic figures like Marvin Gaye, George Ezra, and Oliver Mtukudzi, especially after securing victory on Zimbabwe’s Got Talent in 2014.

Presently, Divine Mahara’s debut album, “Made Under a Tree,” is available for streaming on all major online platforms, allowing listeners to immerse themselves in his remarkable musical journey.

Dylan Red

Dylan Red

Dylan, a singer/songwriter born in Cape Town, is a versatile musician who plays multiple instruments and has been a professional musician since 2016. Currently, he dedicates himself full-time to music, performing at both public and private events. His musical journey began when he auditioned and honed his skills as a busker at the V&A Waterfront in December 2016.

Most recently, he has had the privilege of opening for notable artists such as Sipho “Hotstix” Mabuse and sharing the stage with renowned acts like Biggy, Springbok Nude Girls, Loufi, Loki Rothman, and others at the Head For The Hills event in collaboration with BMW Motorrad. He also had the honor of opening the Jazzathon 2019 at the V&A Waterfront.

Dylan’s musical education includes achieving Grade-5 certification in Music Theory from The London College of Music. He has released a 12-track album titled “First Take,” featuring original compositions, and was a Top 10 finalist in the #HuaweiKDay #DreamItPossible competition. Dylan has also participated in talent searches, including Funderland Talent Search and the Suidoosterfees Talent Search, where he emerged as a finalist in both competitions.

In his live performances, Dylan offers a diverse repertoire of covers spanning multiple genres. However, his original music is characterized by a fusion of funk, blues, folk, and pop influences. Notably, he has incorporated a loop station, reminiscent of Ed Sheeran’s performances, allowing him to function as a one-man band, showcasing his versatility as one of the talented buskers.

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Iviwe Nkopo

Iviwe Nkopo, widely recognized as ‘Ivee Soul,’ is a versatile artist, proficient as a guitarist, songwriter, and vocalist. Born on August 18th in Tembisa and now a resident of Strand, her musical journey commenced at the age of 8 when she became an integral part of her school choir, often taking the spotlight as a soloist.

Later, in 2018, she joined an acapella group in Strand, further refining her musical talents. Iviwe Soul took her first steps as a solo artist in 2021, marking a significant milestone in her artistic career. Since then, she has graced various venues across Cape Town, captivating audiences with her performances. Additionally, she lent her vocal talents as a backup singer at Drama Factory, showcasing her versatility and skill.

In 2022, Iviwe achieved acclaim by being nominated for “Best Female Vocalist of the Year” at the Look At God Music Awards, emerging victorious from a pool of five talented contestants. Beyond her musical prowess, Iviwe is also a freelance graphic designer and an active member of the Lwandle Arts Forum, diversifying her creative talents.

Currently, she is dedicated to honing her craft and establishing herself as a prominent brand within the music industry, promising a future filled with musical brilliance.

Thami Baba (edited)

Thami Baba

Thami Baba, originally from Grahamstown (now known as Makhanda), began his journey in Financial Management but soon found her heart in the arts. She underwent training at Ubom Eastern Cape Drama Company, focusing on acting, directing, miming, and clowning under the guidance of Artistic Director Mrs. Janet Buckland and Mr. Andrew Buckland. Thami then joined the company as a full-time performer and drama facilitator from 2006 to 2013.

During this time, Thami also pursued freelance opportunities as a lead singer in two productions: “Via-Sophia town” and “Cabaret” with a Johannesburg-based company called Via-Katlehong Dance Company. These productions toured Europe, primarily France, from 2013 to 2015 and later traveled to Abu Dhabi in 2018.

In 2015, Thami relocated to Cape Town, and in 2017, she collaborated with the company Mount Maak as an actor in “Pieknik” by Mpandenee’ Dingaan, which led to a role in a clowning show called “Babbelagtig” the following year. Thami also joined the Cape Cultural Collective, contributing to various projects, including acting as the Master of Ceremony for several events and performing as a soloist for Rosachoir through the collective.

Later, Thami worked for CTMA on the show “Kwathikekaloku (Once Upon a Time).” Starting in 2016, she became an active community member in KwaLanga and joined the Langa Arts Association (LAA). As part of LAA, Thami participated in numerous projects, including creating programs in drama, music, and dance for school children. Over the past two years, she played a significant role in managing drama, music, and visual arts classes for kids, fostering their creativity and growth. This initiative was a collaboration between LAA members, who served as facilitators, and the Naledi Foundation, sponsored by the Department of Arts and Culture

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Nosicelo Mbili

Nosicelo Mbili was born in Cala, Eastern Cape, but her formative years were spent growing up in Cape Town. With a deep passion for music and theatre, she began her artistic journey by engaging in drama plays and joining the school choir. It was in these early experiences that her love for the performing arts was kindled.

Her path took a significant turn when she had the opportunity to work with Mfundo Hashe, a period during which she honed and perfected her craft. Subsequently, Nosicelo collaborated with talents like Thando Doni and Khayalethu Mofu, further enriching her artistic repertoire.

A pivotal moment in her career was when she had the privilege to work with the legendary Mama Thoko Ntshinga, an experience that deeply influenced and inspired her journey. In the realm of music, Nosicelo shared stages with icons like Mthunzi Namba from Joyous Celebration, Bro Stompie Mavi, Lusanda Beja, Nomandala Mfencane, and many more, showcasing her musical prowess and versatility.

She has graced prestigious stages such as the Artscape Theatre and the Baxter Theatre multiple times, leaving a lasting impression with her performances. Being recognized as the best Jazz lady in Cape Town, Nosicelo’s career continues to thrive as her artistic journey unfolds in the entertainment industry. Her dedication and passion for the arts remain unwavering, promising a future filled with more enchanting performances and creative endeavors

Thomas Rynhardt (edited)

Thomas Rynhardt

Thomas Rynhardt, a 47-year-old resident of Moira Henderson shelter in District 6, goes by the stage name Tommy Guitarlah and is currently deeply immersed in his busking endeavors around Cape Town to cover his accommodation expenses.

Thomas’s musical journey traces back to his childhood in the church, where he first picked up the guitar. By the age of 20, he had embraced singing as well. Despite lacking formal training and band experience, Thomas has always had a profound connection to music.

His musical style primarily draws from gospel and jazz influences, with a particular emphasis on playing the acoustic steel string guitar. While he has a few videos showcasing his performances, original recordings are yet to be made. At this juncture, Thomas finds himself in the early stages of his busking venture, dedicating himself to expanding his repertoire and mastering new songs for his performances.

He is resolute in his determination to grow and evolve in this musical pursuit, and he looks forward to providing a link to his social media, enabling others to follow and support him on this musical odyssey as one of the dedicated buskers.

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Vukile Moya

Prepare to be entranced by the soul-stirring melodies of Vukile Moya, a remarkable Afro-soul artist hailing from the vibrant community of Langa in Cape Town. Vukile possesses a captivating voice and a storytelling prowess that enchants audiences, leaving them spellbound at a variety of events and specialized Afro-soul gatherings across the city.

A music enthusiast from a young age, Vukile embarked on his musical odyssey at just 5 years old and recorded his first song in 2013. His unwavering dedication to his craft culminated in the creation of the Acapella group “Action My Vision” in 2017.

This year, Vukile has poured his heart and soul into crafting a highly anticipated EP centered around the themes of “MEN” and “MENTAL HEALTH.” His music challenges societal norms, urging men to embrace vulnerability and freely express their emotions, dispelling fear of judgment or loss of masculinity. Inspired by his own life journey, the EP promises to resonate deeply with audiences, inviting them on a heartfelt exploration of the human psyche.

What truly sets Vukile apart is his staunch commitment to inclusivity and celebration of diversity. As an LGBTQ artist, he takes immense pride in creating a harmonious space where everyone, regardless of identity, can find solace and unity through his soul-stirring melodies.

Through his music, he advocates for positive change and promotes empathy, making him the perfect choice for events that embrace the beauty of diversity and inclusivity. Allow Vukile’s soulful artistry to resonate with your audience, fostering a world that celebrates every individual and the unifying power of art.


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Vernon White

Vernon White, a musician, singer, and songwriter hailing from Manenberg, was born in the heart of Cape Town. At 39 years old, he continues to reside in Manenberg with his wife and two children. Notably, Vernon had the unique experience of residing in Eastern Cape Bulhoek, just outside Queenstown, for a few years during his early education.

It was there that he first started school and got introduced to the world of music. During his time in Bulhoek, Vernon was introduced to the church choir singing in the Xhosa language, a pivotal experience that sparked his passion for music. He found his groove with the acoustic guitar and also developed an affinity for playing the keyboard.

Vernon’s musical journey commenced at the tender age of 10, under the guidance of his granduncle and father. He began with old Afrikaans and Xhosa melodies that were deeply rooted in the traditions of the older generation. Over time, he honed his skills through self-exploration and dedicated listening.

Music remained a constant in Vernon’s life, deeply ingrained in his involvement with choirs and musical endeavors within his church community. It was within the church that he first discovered his love for performing on stage, a passion that has stayed with him throughout the years.

His performances expanded beyond the church, gracing weddings, various ceremonies, and school carnivals. Vernon’s talents even reached the airwaves with a few radio interviews and the occasional play of his songs on radio stations. He achieved this with songs recorded in his own home recording studio.

Vernon’s musical versatility shines through, encompassing a wide range of genres from Rock to Afrikaans folk, African Pop, Boy bands ballads, Motown golden oldies, R&B, and a sprinkling of hip hop. His musical journey is a testament to his dedication and passion for creating diverse and soul-stirring music, bringing joy and entertainment to those who have the privilege of listening.