Prepare to immerse yourself in a delightful blend of music, dance, and delectable flavors at the City Arts Festival. Located within the enchanting courtyard of the iconic Castle of Good Hope, this event promises a sensory-rich adventure. The stage will be abuzz with a diverse array of local artists and performers, ensuring an unforgettable experience.

The event will truly come to life with a mesmerizing showcase of dancers, their performances adding an extra layer of enchantment to the festivities. And if that weren’t enough, savor the exquisite South African culinary delights on offer, elevating the magic of this extraordinary occasion. Join us in celebrating the harmonious fusion of music, movement, and mouthwatering cuisine; this is an event you certainly won’t want to miss

Harmonies of Heritage.
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City Arts Festival
City Arts Festival
City Arts Festival
City Arts Festival
City Arts Festival
City Arts Festival


Welcome to the “Artisan’s Haven,” an inclusive and vibrant event venue that seamlessly blends craft, wellness, and entertainment. Step into a meticulously curated space where local artisans, wellness enthusiasts, and performers come together, embodying a celebration of community and creativity. At the core of it all is a lively craft market, a treasure trove of handcrafted wonders showcasing the remarkable talent within our community.

Adjacent wellness stalls emphasize holistic well-being, inviting you to explore a range of wellness offerings. Immerse yourself in the beauty of live sculpting demonstrations that ignite artistic appreciation and provide a glimpse into the creative process. Adding to the lively atmosphere are street performers—buskers, jugglers, and magicians—who infuse the venue with energy and excitement.

In this vibrant hub, the community gathers to champion local creators, prioritize well-being, and unite in shared experiences that nurture a profound love for the arts. Discover, engage, and embrace the essence of “Artisan’s Haven,” where creativity knows no bounds, and the spirit of togetherness thrives within the heart of the City Arts Festival

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The Shine Visual Arts Exhibition It is a moving, insightful, and joyful celebration of the human narrative. Featuring an impressive roster of established artists and many other talented and respected creators, the exhibition is designed to provide a platform for a diverse array of emerging artists to showcase their talents. The artworks on display will embrace the full spectrum of artistic mediums, including ceramics, visual art, photography, and live installations

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City Arts Festival


Enhance your arts festival journey with a delightful fusion of rejuvenating wellness activities. Embrace the gentle flow of Tai Chi, the lively beats of Zumba Dance, the precision of Fencing, and the tranquil essence of Yoga. This event offers a diverse array of practices that rejuvenate both body and mind, immersing you in these revitalizing experiences and adding a distinctive and enriching dimension to your festival adventure.

Explore the harmonious blend of arts and wellness, making your City Arts Festival experience truly unforgettable

The Art of Wellness
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Immerse yourself in the world of poetry at our Interactive poetry masterclass, guided by the talented Bulelwa Basse. This masterclass is a  celebration of creativity, fostering a collaborative and engaging atmosphere where poetic inspiration flourishes. Crafted to deepen your understanding and appreciation of poetry, these sessions invite active participation, encouraging you to explore and experiment with various poetic elements.

Under the mentorship of Bulelwa Basse, a seasoned facilitator and poet, participants come together to dive into the art of poetry. The workshops become a shared canvas for creative minds to unite, sharing ideas and co-creating meaningful, evocative verses. The poetic journey reaches its apex with a live performance on the main stage—an ode to the collective poetic expression nurtured throughout this enriching workshop experience. Join us in celebrating the power of words and the beauty of collaborative expression

Saturday 9 December: Secunda Hall, Castle of Good Hope: Times 11h00 -13h00

Cape Town arts festival, City Arts Festival


Discover the Magic with Fatima Dike: A day of enchantment awaits at ‘Enchanted Tales & Artsy Trails’ with Fatima Dike, the trailblazing ‘Mother of South Africa’s Drama.’ Experience a world of creativity through captivating storytelling, mesmerizing magic shows, and thrilling workshops, promising a magical adventure for all ages. Join us for a day filled with wonder and excitement – where arts and tales come alive in the most enchanting way

Cape Town Arts Festival
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Join us for an engaging workshop at the Cape Town Arts Festival as we delve into ‘Reimagining CT Arts and Culture with Martin Myers and Jason Curtis from MusicExchange.’ Explore a dynamic dialogue that interweaves arts, culture, and music, envisioning innovative approaches to enrich our creative landscape. Discover the power of music as a catalyst for cultural exchange and transformation, sparking new ideas and connections within our community. Don’t miss this thought-provoking conversation at the intersection of creativity and cultural evolution

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The Cape Town Arts Festival, in collaboration with the Human Rights Commission, is excited to extend an invitation to all dancers from neighboring communities in Cape Town. This inclusive event will be guided by the expertise of renowned choreographer Stoan Galela.
As part of the festival, the Human Rights Commission has commissioned an original Gqom dance track, serving as the vibrant theme song for the event, aptly named “Shine.” The competition is scheduled for Saturday, and the winners will have the honor of performing at the prize-giving ceremony during the Sunday celebrations at the historic Castle of Good Hope.

This family-oriented event aims to celebrate the rich tapestry of our diverse society while also sparking the Shine challenge, promoting social harmony through collective national effort and the art of dance.

City Arts Festival