CTAF shines a light on Cape Town’s emerging visual artists.

CTAF shines a light on Cape Town’s emerging visual artists.

Cape Town, 8 November 2023 – The Cape Town Arts Festival (CTAF) in partnership with Open HeArt Gallery,  is excited to announce the launch of the ‘Shine Visual Arts Exhibition’, as part of its upcoming festivities. Hosted at the Castle of Good Hope, this exciting showcase runs from 6th– 15th of December and is free to attend.  It is a moving, insightful, and joyful celebration of the human narrative.

Featuring an impressive roster of established artists, including the highly esteemed Dr. Professor Zanele Muholi, Masa Mara, Lungisa Joe, and many other talented and respected creators, the exhibition is designed to provide a platform for a diverse array of emerging artists to showcase their talents. The artworks on display will embrace the full spectrum of artistic mediums, including ceramics, visual art, photography, and live installations.

The ‘SHINE’ project, initiated in collaboration with the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC), embodies the principles of unity and personal empowerment. This initiative is dedicated to illuminating the path toward social harmony by encouraging individuals to take personal initiative in fostering understanding and dialogue within their communities. The underlying message of SHINE resonates harmoniously with the core ethos of the Cape Town Arts Festival, itself a spotlight for emerging talent and community cohesion.

Dr. Professor Muholi, a prominent figure in the arts community, expressed the importance of such events, stating “We need to see these kinds of events happening monthly so that it becomes a norm. South Africa has the best talent but much of it is underrepresented and underexposed. There are many people in townships across Cape Town that require these spaces.” Muholi will be exhibiting one of her own bronze works titled: “Umpha (ka) thi” at the exhibition and festival.

Participating artists were given the creative directive to weave their personal stories into their works, resulting in a powerful and thought-provoking collection. For many emerging artists, this exhibition represents a unique opportunity to debut their artwork with a wider audience and alongside established visual artists.

Yusuf Ganief, CEO of the CTAF said: In line with our motto of “Community Arts for Community Wellbeing” we have commissioned Open Heart Gallery from Langa to project manage and promote emerging visual artists at the festival. The exhibition will be curated by multimedia award winner Visual Curator, Nompumelelo Rakabe

The Shine Visual Arts Exhibition promises to be a celebration of artistic diversity, unity, and the spirit of personal empowerment. The Cape Town Arts Festival invites all art enthusiasts, collectors, and community members to join them at the Castle of Good Hope on December 9th and 10th for this exceptional showcase of talent and creativity.

The Cape Town Arts Festival is made possible through the generous support of its sponsors, including The Department of Sports Arts and Culture, Ariva Arts Foundation NPC, the Western Cape Government, the Castle of Good Hope,  the City of Cape Tow,  Too Much Wifi and Open HeArt Gallery


CTAF Visual Artists Biographies

Anam Nxelewa

Anam Nxelewa, a youthful 19-year-old visual artist hailing from the small town of Tsolo in the Eastern Cape, currently calls Khayelitsha home. He became a member of Open Heart Studio, led by Xolani Sivunda in eMfuleni, an organisation empowering young individuals with visual education. In 2022, Anam was selected for “Made of Mark” by the City of Cape Town.

He made his mark in a group exhibition titled “Brush Strokes” at the Open Heart gallery, marking his first sale of artwork—a significant milestone in his artistic journey. Anam’s art speaks of the challenges faced by the youth and the societal issues impacting the community, aiming to shed light on these pressing matters.

Through his art, he endeavors to infuse hope into the hearts of the viewers, employing a technique of soft blending and vibrant highlights that radiate from the background—subtly captivating and engaging the observer’s mind.



Chain Nkosinathi Kandeni

Chain Nkosinathi Kandeni, an artist hailing from the Eastern Cape, possesses an innate talent for painting and drawing. Following his completion of grade 12, he entered the workforce. However, his passion for art persisted, and he dedicated time to practice and immerse himself in art books. Delving into research, he found significant inspiration in artists like Guillermo Fresquet, Jose M Parramon, and English watercolorists, which solidified his desire to pursue art as a career.In 2021, he encountered Xolani Sivunda, who became his mentor and significantly enhanced his painting skills. Presently, he works as a full-time artist from his home studio. Nkosinathi also took part in art classes offered by the City of Cape Town Developing Skill Programme to broaden his artistic knowledge.

Additionally, he participated in pop-up exhibitions like Comic-Con Cape Town. His artworks have graced the walls of prominent galleries, including the Open Heart Gallery and Youngblood Gallery. His preferred artistic mediums include acrylic and oil on canvas.


Hlobile Maphumulo

Hlobile Maphumulo, a talented South African female visual artist, was born on 03 February 1996. Raised by both of her parents in a township called eNanda, she began her educational journey there, starting her first grade in eNanda. Later, during her second grade, her family moved to Waterloo permanently.

Her love for art blossomed during her high school years, and after completing matriculation, she continued honing her artistic skills by pursuing art and design (N4 to N6) in college. Hlobile further developed her technique and skills through various art centers in Durban. An important part of her journey was a 6-month internship at the Bat Center, where she was immersed in visual arts facilities and multimedia.

In 2022, Hlobile realized it was time for her to explore a different art form. Leveraging her design education, she transitioned to graphic design and seamlessly incorporated her design experience into her paintings, infusing them with vibrant colors and a unique design style. Hlobile finds immense fascination in creating beautiful artworks and interpreting the world through the eyes of others


Luvo Khwehla

Luvo Khwehla, a 26-year-old Graphic Designer, has an overriding passion for the arts. He calls Khayelitsha in Cape Town home. From early childhood, he found joy in drawing, a passion undoubtedly influenced by his father, an artist turned art teacher. His father became the initial artistic role model, solidifying Luvo’s unwavering decision to pursue a career in the arts.

Luvo’s artistry is a testament to the struggles faced in townships. Each brushstroke strives to encapsulate a powerful reflection of cultural diversity, lifestyle, and the challenges that confront their community. Through his artwork, he endeavors to spark conversations, urging viewers to engage and reflect on various themes, be it environmental concerns or the enduring strength and beauty of humanity.

Diversity characterizes Luvo’s artistic style, mirroring the broad spectrum of subjects he portrays. His primary focus lies in environmental and facial portraits. He finds his artistic comfort zone in oil paint, oil pastels, and acrylics. However, what defines Luvo is his lack of artistic limitations, always open to experimenting with diverse materials and styles, allowing his creativity to flourish boundlessly.


Lelethu Fundakubi

Lelethu Fundakubi, a 26-year-old artist, discovered her passion for art during her early years in primary school. Her artistic journey was greatly influenced by her visual art teacher, Miss H Watson, during her time at Eersterivier Secondary School (2012-2016). In the period from July 2019 to December 2020, Lelethu dedicated 18 months to studying a new medium, Mosaic, and delving into Art History at Spier Arts Academy.

Her initial exhibition was at the members’ exhibition at the Artb Gallery, and she continued to showcase her work at Artb in subsequent exhibitions. Lelethu collaborated with Xolani Sivunda at Open Heart Studio for two years and actively participated in an Emerging Artists’ group exhibition associated with the City of Cape Town. She was also featured as one of the artists in the Comic Con Cape Town artist Showcase. Lelethu’s exhibitions extended to galleries such as Youngblood Gallery and various others in Cape Town.

Lelethu’s artistic inclination is deeply rooted in painting and drawing portraits, fueled by an obsession with all things related to art. Over the years, her artistry has flourished, leading to a recent commission by Professor Zanele Muholi. Drawing inspiration from life itself, Lelethu aims to evoke a sense of beauty and provoke strong emotions through her artwork.

Residing in Mfuleni, Cape Town, the 26-year-old artist has established her own studio and firmly believes in the power of collaboration and learning from fellow artists as a source of inspiration for her creative endeavors.


Lungiswa Joe

Lungiswa Joe, a creative based in Cape Town, seamlessly intertwines art, fashion, design, philosophy, and heritage in her work. She utilizes design mediums to articulate her imaginative concepts and honor African aesthetics. Lungiswa draws inspiration from traditional African art forms, delving into themes of identity, culture, and heritage. Her artistic endeavors serve as a platform to empower and celebrate African culture and its people. In addition to her artistic pursuits, Lungiswa is a freelance costume designer, boasting credits in notable productions such as High Fantasy, Flatland, and Hyperlink.

As the founder of Inxwala slow market, Lungiswa orchestrates a platform that commemorates the first harvest. This initiative unites African women from various townships, showcasing and selling their harvests—a beautiful celebration of unity and shared culture.

Her latest artistic exploration involves working with clay, a timeless medium. Through this ancient craft, Lungiswa shares her heritage, thoughts, practices, and simple techniques. Every piece is meticulously shaped by her hands, allowing her to convey her unique artistic vision/


Lusanda Dayimani

Lusanda Dayimani, a 34-year-old professional dancer, actress, and physical theater creator with a storytelling background, resides in Khayelitsha, Cape Town. She is a versatile and talented individual who has a deep passion for the performing arts. Notably, she showcased her skills as a stunt performer in the film “Woman King.”

Lusanda’s artistic journey includes a collaborative dance installation piece for Dr. Professor Muholi’s Solo Show at the Southern Guild Gallery. She also recently contributed her choreography talents to a three-day dance production called “Inguquko.”

Her expertise lies in choreography, teaching, and performance, and she has extended her influence beyond South Africa, collaborating with artists and sharing her skills both locally and internationally.

Lusanda’s immersion in the arts began at a young age when she participated in a community development program as an after-school activity. After completing her matriculation, she pursued further training at the New Africa Academy in 2009. She continued her education at the Magnet Theatre Training Program for two years (2010-2011) and the Jazzart Dance Theatre Training Program for three years (2012-2015). It was during these programs that she honed her performance, teaching, and networking skills. Lusanda’s professional experience includes working as a company dancer at the Sibonelo Dance Project and freelancing as a teacher.

In her own words, Lusanda expresses a strong admiration for working with and for the black community. She envisions establishing her own studio in the township, further contributing to the development and enrichment of the local arts scene.


Micke Buitendag

Micke Buitendag, born in 1995 and raised in Pretoria, currently calls Cape Town, South Africa, her home. Since 2018, Buitendag has passionately pursued art as a full-time artist. She discovered the beauty of art at a young age, and although she graduated with a business degree, her path soon led her to art as a form of therapy and selfreflection, ultimately shaping her chosen career

Her journey in art involved self-guided learning and participation in courses offered by The Emerging Artist program. Micke’s painting style embodies contemporary and abstract art, characterized by a flow of expressive energy through mixed media, blending with bold and intense acrylic brush strokes. Her artwork captures the essence and profound gazes of individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Drawing from inspiration from various local and international artists,Buitendag evolved her style into a unique and unconventional form of artistic expression. Micke’s art is centered around evoking emotion through portraiture, prompting introspection in the viewer. She delves into themes of self, identity, and societal conditioning.

Buitendag initiated her art career at Youngblood Gallery in 2018, showcasing her works at notable exhibitions like Cape Town Tourism, You&i Art Gallery, Art Haus Gallery, the Waterfront, and Fame Week 2022. Her art has also made a positive impact by contributing to fundraising for the Star for Life Foundation and the NGO “Her Unspoken Truth” through auctions. Micke beautifully sums up her artistic perspective, stating, “A painting is an artist’s personal feelings, thoughts, therapeutic imagination, and a

physical presentation of the mind.”


Masa Mara

MASA MARA stands as a prominent Fashion Brand/Organization deeply entrenched in the essence of Africa. Its Founder and Designer, Nyambo Masamara, originally from Rwanda, has traversed eight distinct countries across the African continent during his upbringing and currently calls South Africa home.

Nyambo Masamara is a versatile and multi-disciplinary artist, textile expert, and fashion designer. His creative endeavors are deeply rooted in his pan-African physical and spiritual identity, showcasing a thoughtful and profound consideration for his heritage.

Masa Mara encapsulates the vibrant embodiment of the best elements of Africa: Pan-/Trans-/Uni-African. It embraces a comprehensive identity, drawing from diverse influences and transforming them both visually and iconographically. Each design crafted by MASA MARA is a reflection of Nyambo Masamara’s life experiences, guiding and shaping the artistic direction of the brand.

Beyond mere clothing, MASA MARA is a platform for narrating the African tale. Every garment conceived carry within it a memory or a moment along Nyambo Masamara’s personal journey—an endeavor to share these rich and meaningful stories with the world.


Phumeza Shaun Madikane

Phumeza Shaun Madikane, a 26-year-old female artist hailing from Delft in Cape Town is a creative force to be reckoned with. She pursued her passion for art and design, focusing on printmaking during her three-year stint at the College of Cape Town. Printmaking, visual arts, and painting stand as her forte in the realm of artistic expression.

Phumeza’s art is a canvas for societal reflection, shedding light on pertinent social issues that permeate our daily lives. Her chosen medium is painting, typically on boards, as she delves into her concept centered around homelessness. Through her artworks, she encapsulates the struggles and realities faced by the homeless, utilising her craft as a powerful means of advocacy and awareness.

In her artistic journey, Phumeza also embraces contemporary art, drawing inspiration from the realms of realism and expressionism. This amalgamation of styles infuses her work with depth and resonance, allowing her to breathe life into her creations. As a dedicated artist, Phumeza Shaun Madikane continues to use her talents to provoke thought and stimulate dialogue, all while leaving an indelible mark on the world of art.


Sinenkosi Msomi

Sinenkosi Msomi is a self-taught photographer based in Eswatini, focusing on the exploration of tensions and relationships between cultural, traditional history, and youth culture within Eswatini. Through his photography, he uses an archival approach to recollect and reimagine his childhood memories, delving into familial dynamics and interactions with his peers and youth in his community, presenting them in dream-like environments. This artistic approach exposes the fluidity of memory, perception, and tradition.

Being a young, Black African creative deeply influences his process, evident in his choice of subjects, settings, and aesthetic presentation within his photographs. Photography serves as a powerful medium for expressing unseen elements of his lived experiences, allowing him to craft and capture complex narratives within a single image.

In his pursuit of artistic growth, Sinenkosi actively engages with Africa’s economy, participating in various projects and exhibitions throughout the years. Senzo Ayabulela Tiko, born in Cape Town in 1999 and raised in New Crossroads, Nyanga, has a deep-rooted connection to his surroundings. In November 2021, he unveiled his inaugural exhibition at the CTICC through the Emerging Artist Program. The following year, in 2022, he showcased his work at Art Haus Gallery and was awarded a scholarship at Ruth Prowse. Another notable exhibition took place with Umphakathi at 16 Leratholi Gallery (Kwalange).

Senzo’s artistic expression finds its inspiration in the world around him, particularly the stories and struggles of the people. His preferred mediums are pastels, acrylic paint, and oil paint. Through his distinctive working technique, he endeavors to convey the pain experienced by individuals—a profound pain that, instead of breaking them, empowers and fortifies their resilience.


Sikho Mququ

Sikho Mququ, born in Mthatha, Eastern Cape, South Africa, has flourished as a ceramic’s artist. In 2016, he received acclaim as a three-dimensional craft artist in Eastern Cape. His studio, Ckho Ceramique in Cape Town’s Paarden Eiland, showcases a diverse array of handmade ceramics, from tea sets and dinnerware to decorative pots, jars, and sculptures. These pieces are distributed to retail outlets, local markets, and individual customers.

Apart from his studio work, Sikho engages in freelance projects, production throwing for local potters, and teaches pottery lessons. His specialty lies in crafting tableware ceramics like bowls, vases, mugs, and tailored items for clients. He draws inspiration from “iTyali” blankets, natural landscapes, and environmental patterns, reflected in his creations.

Sikho’s passion for ceramics began during his Fine Arts diploma at Walter Sisulu University. Under the mentorship of Meshack Masuku, he honed his skills and started his journey in ceramics. In 2013, he founded Ckho Ceramique at the Gompo Arts Centre, later moving to Stellenbosch in 2016. He now conducts workshops and private lessons, solidifying his role as a valuable mentor and educator in ceramics.


Yamkela Mandlevu

Yamkela Mandlevu, an 18-year-old visual artist from Cape Town, has chosen charcoal as his primary medium for expressing monochromatic art, with a distinct focus on black and white aesthetics. His artistic endeavors revolve around preserving the rich tapestry of South African heritage, echoing his profound connection to the culture.

Guided by the mentorship of Mr. Xolani Sivunda, Yamkela is a resident artist at Open Heart Studio. His artistic journey commenced with inspirations drawn from television animations, which later evolved into intricate pencil portraits. Since joining Open Heart Studio in 2022, he has delved into the realm of charcoal artistry.

In November 2022, Yamkela celebrated a significant milestone with his debut exhibition at the Open Heart Gallery, a showcase of his talent and dedication. His artwork has also graced the walls of the Open Heart Gallery and Youngblood Arts & Culture Development Pty. Additionally, he was selected as part of the Emerging Artists Program during Fame Week Africa Class of 2023, captivating art enthusiasts with his creations.

In November 2022, Yamkela celebrated a significant milestone with his debut exhibition at the Open Heart Gallery, a showcase of his talent and dedication. His artwork has also graced the walls of the Open Heart Gallery and Youngblood Arts & Culture Development Pty. Additionally, he was selected as part of the Emerging Artists Program during Fame Week Africa Class of 2023, captivating art enthusiasts with his creations.

What sets Yamkela apart is his remarkable artistic trajectory, flourishing without formal training while concurrently navigating his grade 12 studies. This juxtaposition emphasizes his innate talent and unwavering dedication to crafting a compelling narrative through his art.


Zubenathi Ayanda Filana

Zubenathi Ayanda Filana, born in 1994 in Keiskammahoek, Eastern Cape, is an emerging artist currently based in Cape Town. Raised in a village with no formal art training, Filana exhibited a remarkable passion and talent for art, particularly in drawing and sketching, from a young age.

In 2015, he made a pivotal move to Cape Town and embarked on a transformative three-year journey, immersing himself in Professional Mosaic Art training at the esteemed Spier Arts Academy. Notably, in 2017, Filana distinguished himself as one of two outstanding Mosaic Apprentices, earning a sponsored European Cultural tour to Italy and Spain by the Spier Arts Trust.

The experience of collaborating and translating paintings into mosaics with various artists ignited a profound desire within Filana to further explore the realm of painting. Presently, he primarily engages with oil paint, drawing inspiration from classical oil painting techniques while infusing contemporary narratives into his work. This unique fusion reflects his dedication to bridging traditional and modern artistic expressions, resulting in a distinctive and evocative body of work. Filana’s artistic journey continues to evolve and captivate, promising an exciting future in the art world.


Dr ProfessorZanele Muholi

Zanele Muholi is a prominent visual activist, humanitarian, and photographer originally from Umlazi, Durban. They currently reside and work across Cape Town, Durban, and Johannesburg. Muholi is deeply committed to educational activism, community outreach, and youth development. In 2009, they founded Inkanyiso (www.inkanyiso.org), a platform for queer and visual activism, and in 2002, they co-founded the Forum for Empowerment of Women (FEW).

They are dedicated to providing opportunities for young artists to access art spaces through initiatives such as Ikhono LaseNatali. Additionally, Muholi continues to empower young women in townships by offering photography workshops through PhotoXP.

Muholi’s academic journey led them to study Advanced Photography at the Market Photo Workshop in Newtown, Johannesburg. In 2009, they earned an MFA in Documentary Media from Ryerson University in Toronto. Notably, in 2013, they were honored with an appointment as an Honorary Professor at the University of the Arts/Hochschule für Künste Bremen.

Throughout their career, Muholi has garnered numerous awards and accolades, including the Honorary Doctorate Causa from the University of Liege, Belgium (2023); ICP Spotlights (2022); Spectrum International Prize for Photography (2020); Lucie Award for Humanitarian Photography (2019); the Rees Visionary Award by Amref Health Africa (2019); a fellowship from the Royal Photographic Society, UK (2018); France’s Chevalier de l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres (2017); the Mbokodo Award in the category of Visual Arts (2017); ICP Infinity Award for Documentary and Photojournalism (2016); Africa’Sout! Courage and Creativity Award (2016); Outstanding International Alumni Award from Ryerson University (2016); Fine Prize for an Emerging Artist at the 2013 Carnegie International; the Prince Claus Award (2013); Honorary Professorship from the University of the Arts/Hochschule für Künste Bremen, Germany (2013); Index on Censorship – Freedom of Expression art award (2013); and the Casa Africa award for best female photographer, along with the Fondation Blachère award at Les Rencontres de Bamako biennial of African photography (2009).

Their work has been celebrated in solo exhibitions worldwide, such as those at the Tate Modern in London, UK (2020-21) and Southern Guild Gallery in Cape Town, South Africa (2023). Other solo presentations have been hosted at institutions including the 25th Enjoy Jazz Festival in Mannheim, Germany (2023); Prometeo Gallery Ida Pisani in Milan, Italy (2023); Kunstmuseum in Luzern, Switzerland (2023); Mudec in Milan, Italy (2023); MEP (Maison Européenne de la Photographie) in Paris, France (2023); Ustalling Art Gallery in Belgium (2023); and various other renowned venues.

Muholi’s profound influence extends beyond their solo exhibitions. They have actively participated in numerous group shows, including “Sanibonani” at Jonathan Carver Moore, San Francisco, USA (2023); “Embodying Her” at Aspire Art Auctions, Cape Town, South Africa (2023); “Looking Forward” at Pier24, San Francisco, USA (2022); “BLACK VENUS” at Fotografiska, New York, USA (2022); “Shifting Dialogues: Photography from The Walther Collection” at Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany (2022); “31:Women” at Daimler Art Collection, Berlin, Germany (2021); “THIS IS NOT AFRICA – UNLEARN WHAT YOU HAVE LEARNED” at ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum, Denmark, and “Red Clay” at Tamale, Ghana (2021); “NIRIN,” the 22nd Sydney Biennale (2020); “African Cosmologies: Photography, Time, and the Other” at the 18th FotoFest Biennial, Houston, Texas, USA (2020); “The Way She Looks: A History of Female Gazes in African Portraiture” at the Ryerson Image Center, Toronto, Canada (2019); “Implicit Tensions: Mapplethorpe Now” at the Guggenheim, New York, USA (2019); “Mirrors – The Reflected Self” at Museum Rietberg, Switzerland (2019); “Yithi Laba” at the Market Photo Workshop, Johannesburg, South Africa (2019); “Possibilities for a Non-Alienated Life” at the Kochi-Muziris Biennale, India (2018); “Recent Histories” at Huis Marseille and The Walther Collection, Amsterdam, the Netherlands (2018); “Queering The Gaze” at alphanova & galerie future, Berlin, Germany (2018); “From Africa to the Americas: Face-to-face Picasso.

Other solo exhibitions include: Past and Present” at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Canada (2018); “In Their Own Form” at the Museum Of Contemporary Photography, Chicago, USA; “the 11th Mercosul Biennial” in Porto Alegre, Brazil (2018); “Plastic Entanglements: Ecology, Aesthetics, Materials” at Pennsylvania State University, USA (2018); “African Art Against the State” at the Williams College Museum of Art, USA (2018); “Multiple Medium: Photographs from the Collection” at the Cincinnati Art Museum, Ohio, USA (2018); “the National Gallery of Victoria Triennial,” Melbourne, Australia (2017); “Traversées Ren@rde” at Transpalette Centre d’Art, France (2017); “The Photographic I – Other Pictures” at S.M.A.K Ghent, Belgium (2017); “Structures of Identity” at Museo Amparo, Mexico (2017); “The Face: A Search for Clues” at Deutsches Hygiene-Museum, Dresden, Germany (2017); “Intimacy is Political: Sex, gender, language, power” at Centro Cultural Metropoliano, Quito, Ecuador (2017); “Art/Afrique, le nouvel atelier” at Fondation Louis Vuitton, Paris, France (2017); “Kyotographie International Photography Festival,” Kyoto, Japan (2017); “Personae” at FotoFocus Biennial, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA (2016); “Où poser la tête?” at ICA Indian Ocean, Mauritius (2016); “Second-Hand Reading: William Kentridge and Zanele.


Nompumelelo Rakabe (Curator)

Nompumelelo Rakabe hails from Cape Town, South Africa, and boasts an impressive and diverse portfolio in the world of art and education. She serves as the co-founder and curator of the Open Heart Gallery, also founding the Children’s Arts Festival. Her qualifications include being a certified visual art teacher. Nompumelelo is a recipient of a multimedia visual art award, reflecting her deep passion for art education.

In 2022 and 2023, she embarked on a Curatorship residency at the Muholi Art Institute, engaging in roles like Mentorship, Curator, and Research. Her academic credentials include a degree in Visual Art and a certificate in content creation focusing on editing and videography.

The year 2023 witnessed Nompumelelo’s curation of multiple exhibitions, including notable shows like “Black African Pride,” “AMA 2000,” and “Brushstrokes.” In 2022, she was part of the Muholi Art Institute Curator residency Edu traveling tour, exploring Italy and Ghana. In 2021, Nompumelelo participated in a teaching exchange program held in Durban, collaborating with the Bamu Arts Foundation under the guidance of Prof. Muholi and Dr. Bajabulile.

Her involvement in 2020 as an assistant Curator for a case study traveling Exhibition organised by the HSRC (Human Science Research Council) department, reaching three different communities, is a testament to her commitment to the arts. Her teaching excellence in arts and culture earned her an award at the Western Cape Cultural Affairs Awards in 2019.

Nompumelelo’s artistic journey has been characterised by the development of her abstract painting style, which incorporates unconventional mediums like charcoal, teabags, coffee, and repurposed materials that add unique texture, residue, and color. Her commitment to cultural exchange led her to participate in multiple residencies in 2019 and 2018, with travels to France, Zambia, Amsterdam, and Ethiopia, during her two-year association with Arts Cape Theatre.

Beginning in 2008, Nompumelelo assumed the role of a student lecturer at the University of Limpopo for two years. During her tenure, she taught art theory, painting, and drawing. She has been part of group exhibitions at esteemed institutions such as the Muholi Art Institute, Polokwane Art Museum, University of Limpopo, and the Limpopo Arts and Culture Association (LACA). Nompumelelo’s creative pursuits have also led her to create two short film documentaries about art movements.

Her commitment to social causes is evident through her participation in various mural projects focusing on themes like HIV/AIDS, health, and environmental awareness. Nompumelelo has also been involved in narrative workshops, influencing agricultural students at the University of Limpopo.


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