Experience the SHINE DANCE CHALLENGE presented by the Cape Town Arts Festival in collaboration with the Human Rights Commission. We extend a warm invitation to all Omajivana dancers from neighboring communities in Cape Town to come together under the guidance of the esteemed choreographer, Stoan Galela.

In a dynamic collaboration, the HRC has curated an original Gqom dance track to serve as the vibrant Shine theme song for this event. The competition is set to take place on Saturday, with the winners earning the opportunity to showcase their talent during the prize-giving ceremony on the following Sunday at the Castle of Good Hope.

This family-friendly event is designed to celebrate our rich diversity and kindle the spirit of the Shine challenge, promoting social harmony through a collective display of talent and dance. Join us for an unforgettable celebration of culture, unity, and artistic expression.

City Arts Festival

Stoan Galela

Introducing Stoan Move Galela, a figure prominently etched in the tapestry of South African street dance history. Emerging from modest origins in local dance competitions, Stoan has transformed into a highly influential street dancer on a national scale. Hailing from Gugulethu in Cape Town, Stoan is a self-taught dancer and choreographer whose journey has traversed borders, earning him international acclaim.

His journey is studded with appearances in TV commercials for renowned brands like Coca-Cola and White Star Maize Meal, as well as iconic music videos featuring celebrated artists such as Freshlyground, Casper Nyovest, Prince KB, and Jeremy Loops. Stoan’s artistry extends beyond the screen to the theatrical stage, earning him accolades like the Best Documentary Award for “My Father The Mover” at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2020.

He sees himself not just as a dancer but as a mover, a force for positive change. In his role as the founder of the Non-Profit Organisation- Hashtag Move, Stoan leverages dance as a powerful tool to guide children and young adults away from the clutches of drugs, gangsterism, teenage pregnancy, and crime.

He defines a mover as someone who wields dance as a force for good, spreading joy within their community and knowing no bounds to their potential. Stoan’s dance styles encompass a vibrant array, including Banger, Sjokojoko, Pantsula, and Kwasa, complemented by Contemporary as an additional dance genre