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Michael Nyoni, an award-winning sculptor from Sedgefield will do a live demonstration of his sculpting talents.

Meet the incredibly talented artist, Michael Nyoni, who expresses his own passion and creativity in sculptures from wood. He may be a modest sculptor but he is inspired by great artists like Leonardo da Vinci. Although sculpting is his full-time occupation, it feels like a hobby because he enjoys it so much.

He is a former Zimbabwean and his love of wildlife serves as an inspiration for his work. He moved from Johannesburg to Sergefield and brought his family’s soapstone sculptures with him (some of which are delicate pieces). 

Some of his large works are from Prosopis wood (Namibian wood) and cut from one solid wooden block in great intricate detail. 

He said, “My father is my hero and my inspiration. He has been an artist his entire life so I really come from an artistic family. They believe in creating sculptures that can be used, so I have washbasins and book stands as well as plant containers.”