Field Recording: Nceba Gongxeka – Isitiso

Isitiso is a Rootspring and Cape Town Arts Festival Field Recording featuring Nceba Gongxeka, Fancy Galada, and Duane Star. On a winter’s morning in June, Rootspring went to a river in HoutBay to capture this field recording.

The sound of the stream is a perfect background to a gentle song called Isitiso – led by the very talented Nceba Gongxeka on the Harp and the main vocals. The song lyrics are made up of children’s language that Nceba used to sing as a child – the lyrics do not have meaning and are more like a fun game! Nceba’s ability to sing over the complex and unusual harp part he created is exceptional.

Fancy Galada’s great vocals add a melody to Nceba’s lead vocal. She gives the song a fresh West African flavor and adds a grounding bass drum to hold down the flighty harp rhythm. We love the moment in this video when you first hear the Cello but have not seen it yet! Duane Star plays the sweetest tasteful Cello improvised solo and adds the right crossover element to this artwork!

Like the bubbles in the stream, this field recording bubbles with the joy and enthusiasm emitted by this unusual trio.

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