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Abraham van den Berg is a ukulele teacher and Chief Ideas Officer at Mobile Music Academy. He is the creator of Laughing Abe -a musical education superhero who promotes kind learning with visual support and the inventor and developer of his rainbow colour-coded ukulele that he uses to teach at schools around Cape Town.

He won a grant to study Mechanical Engineering at the University of Stellenbosch after his team won the National Technology Olympiad in 2006 and, after graduating, furthered his studies in music, languages, and creative arts while traveling. He started busking in South America while traveling with his charango, a Bolivian ukulele with 10 strings. When he returned to South Africa he continued busking at the Waterfront doing his Hulamonichango act where he would play charango and harmonica while hula hooping. He’s determined to make learning to play the ukulele and other musical instruments fun and engaging and wants to create a more inclusive music learning experience in public places through busking.