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Machawe Ndlovu is a bass and lead guitar player, and pianist. He was born in Swaziland Mbabane in 1989. He was inspired to love music by his neighbor who was a rock n roll artist and guitar player. He learned how to play piano and guitar from his neighbor’s friends. He would bunk school to play music with his friends and eventually dropped out.

He came to South Africa with his Rasta friend who used to be in Lucky Dube’s band. On their way to perform in Cape Town, they busked on the train. This experience increased his interest in the world of busking. They lived in Khayelitsha for some years staying with a woman who ran a soup kitchen and loved music so they would perform for people who came to the soup kitchen. He began busking in Simons Town where he became popular for his musical talent. The local community supported him with food, musical instruments, and money and eventually, offered accommodation. Machawe has been busking for 8 years and intends to continue busking around the world with his instruments. His dream is to record a jazz album.