Langa Community Arts Festival at Guga S’thebe Arts and Culture Centre

The Cape Town Arts Festival powered by Ariva Arts Foundation and supported by Industrial Development Corporation, Western Cape Government, South African Human Rights Commission – SHINE Project, and Too Much WIFi, in partnership with Langa Vibe Collective, successfully hosted Langa Community Arts Festival to celebrate 100 years of Langa on Saturday, the 10th of June 2023 at Guga Sthebe Arts and Culture Centre.

The Festival was filled with a variety of entertainment and activities from creative workshops in Visual Arts, Fashion Design, Face Painting, Bead Work, Music Theory, and Creative Writing for Primary and High school children, Craft Designers, Food Vendors, and storytelling to a musical theatre performance by Langa Vibe collective on the history of Langa and Live Music performances and more.

The CT Arts Festival would like to take this opportunity to thank our industry partners Ariva Arts Foundation, South African Human Rights Commission – SHINE Project, Guga Sthebe Arts and Culture Centre, Western Cape Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport, The Craft Design Institute (CDI) and Industrial Development Corporation (IDC).

We are thankful to the artistic contributions of Langa Vibe Collective, Fatima Dike, Fancy Galada, Nceba Gongxeka, SimulationRxps, TOUCH, Langa Vibe workshop facilitators, Langa Craft Designers, and Food Vendors and keynote speakers for making this event such a great success. We would also like to thank all the media publications that covered Langa Community Arts Festival.

🎥 by Nur Felix Film Production and VO Artist – Lebogang Keneli

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