Nur Felix lights up Nassau Auditorium with his debut album “We Are All We Need”

Nur Felix lights up Nassau Auditorium with his debut album “We Are All We Need”

The Cape Town Festival in partnership with Rootspring NPC hosted Nur Felix’s ‘We Are All We Need’ album launch on the 7th May 2022 at Nassau Auditorium from 7 pm.

“I am very grateful for the help received from Cape Town Festival with my album launch. With the assistance from the Cape Town Festival I was able to have top-notch sound, among many other things that aided in an amazing event” said Nur Felix.

Nur Felix is a singer, songwriter, and guitarist from Athlone, Cape Town. Over the last ten years, Nur has been sharing his message of peace promotion in theatres, at music festivals, and at community upliftment events across South Africa. Singing and composing from the heart, Nur‘s upbeat acoustic sound encourages the audience that ‘We Are All We Need’. Happiness is not found in material things, but in the pursuit of dreams, the search for deeper meaning, and love, and breaking down the barriers against authentic life expression.

There is a tad of activism in his songs, room for emotional processing through love and heartache, all carried by unique guitar riffs and melodies that are bound to uplift your soul. Nur‘s music and music videos have been featured on TV, in documentaries, and on the radio. His song ‘Peace Date’ (co-written with Nancy Beaudette) was nominated for the International Peace Song awards in Los Angeles in 2018.

“Nur Felix is the inspiration for a new wave of singer-songwriters in Cape Town. His debut album We Are All We Need is a wondrous collection of eclectic music that expresses a sense of hope for a better world. As they would say over the years…Ah, real songs” said Naren Sewpaul, an audience.

The Cape Town Festival as one of the leading non-profit role players in promoting local artists in Cape Town partnered with Rootspring NPC, a non-profit music production and events company, to host the debut album launch for Nur Felix’s ‘We Are All We Need’. The concert included performances by highly accomplished local musicians such as Violinist Rayelle Goodman (CT Philharmonic Orchestra), Backing vocalist Mpumi Sizani (Judith Sephuma), Bass player Josh Hawks (Freshly Ground), Backing Vocalist Ruby Paton (Featured on the album), Saxophonist Gareth Harvey, Keyboardist Desmond Blake, and Drummer Byron Asher.

“The Album launch event of Nur Felix was amazing. He gave the audience a powerful performance. The sound was perfectly clear. The musicians and the two lovely Back up ladies were amazing. The audience was great. It was a great feeling coming from the experience of Corona/ Lockdown” said Mpumi Sizani, Backing Vocalist.

“I was so lucky to be a part of Nur Felix’s album launch on the 7th of May. The band was all fantastic and so talented. Working with them was such a treasured experience. The show itself had ups and downs. The down was that Nur had become sick on the day of the show but as he said; the show must go on. The ups came in plenty. The energy was exhilarating and performing again felt amazing. Thank you to Rootspring for backing up this show and letting the music speak for itself.” said Ruby Paton, Backing Vocalist.

“South African artists have suffered from devastating economic dilemmas because of the COVID 19 pandemic resulting in a lack of operating arts venues, bankruptcies, audience restrictions on gatherings, closing down of restaurants, fear of audiences to attend functions and concerts; insufficient government and corporate support. These negative economic factors have forced 40% of musicians to quit their careers” says Yusuf Ganief.

Under the leadership of art activist and Executive Chairperson, Yusuf Ganief, the Cape Town Festival has reimagined a new vision with the sustainability of artists as the cornerstone for all projects and events. The new “dream team” partnership with Rootspring NPC, a Cape Town-based music production house and events company, has provided the Cape Town Festival with the in-house skills and resources to fulfill their promise of empowering local artists, The new partnership has developed sustainable projects that include regular live and online performance platforms, income-generating employment, equipment training, and mentorship for artists through the Growing Artists Campaign, Beyond Busking Project and Field Recordings.

To buy and download Nur Felix’s debut album click here.


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