The Cape Town Arts Festival is a dynamic celebration of artistic expression against the stunning backdrop of Table Mountain and the historic Castle of Good Hope.  Showcasing a rich tapestry of creative brilliance, the festival unites local talents in music, painting, poetry, dance, and sculpture.

Attendees can immerse themselves in a captivating artistic journey through exhibitions, performances, workshops, and cultural events, experiencing emotive sculptures and diverse storytelling on canvases. The festival aims to honor creativity in all its forms and enchant visitors with the transformative magic of the arts.

In addition to the main festival, the Cape Town Arts Festival, a non-profit company dedicated to the upliftment of creatives, actively engages in various projects, such as the “Beyond Busking Festival Day” and the “Beyond Busking Project.” The “Beyond Busking Festival Day” is a vibrant celebration dedicated to showcasing and supporting local buskers, encompassing musicians, artists, sculptors, mimers, dancers, acrobats, and fire performers.

The festival recognizes the importance of public art and street performances, promoting them to enhance public spaces and community well-being. The “Beyond Busking Project,” initiated in 2022, focuses on economically supporting local busking artists and enhancing their reputation and recognition across South Africa.

It provides comprehensive training and opportunities for aspiring buskers, aiming to elevate their status and provide larger platforms for their performances. Additionally, the Cape Town Arts Festival supports and collaborates with community arts festivals, providing training in event, project, and marketing management, promoting sustainability, and recognizing their role in uplifting local communities.

Technology and social media have become the gateway to success for artists and in 2023 the CT Arts Festival launched a cutting-edge training project, “Artists for Artists”, a low code bubble coding, website development, and social media management course to promote artists, integrating all the development programmes and the annual CT Arts Festival and all its artists and participants.


The Beyond Busking Project, initiated by the Cape Town Arts Festival (CTAF) in 2022, aimed to:

  • Offer economic support and motivation to local busking artists.
  • Enhance the reputation and recognition of buskers across South Africa.
  • Establish extensive platforms beyond the streets of Cape Town for busking artists.
  • Provide aspiring buskers with comprehensive training in songwriting, stage presence, vocal training, musical arrangement, production, and equipment enhancement.
  • Elevate buskers by granting them opportunities to perform on prominent stages


The Beyond Busking Festival Day is a vibrant celebration dedicated to showcasing and supporting local buskers—talented individuals encompassing musicians, artists, sculptors, mimers, dancers, acrobats, gymnasts, and fire performers.

Within the City of Cape Town’s Arts and Culture department, public art, street art, and busking are warmly embraced and actively promoted. Art, in its various forms, enhances public spaces, making them more appealing and contributing to community well-being and societal transformation. Busking, a distinctive form of entertainment imbued with local essence, not only provides income but also showcases the abundant creative brilliance within the city to both the public and visitors.

While recognizing the undeniable merits of busking, it’s crucial to acknowledge that the current model is not sustainably advantageous for our local artists when compared to global trends. This necessitates a concerted effort to elevate the image and perception of buskers in South Africa, providing them with broader platforms beyond the streets of Cape Town


Community arts festivals have a central aim: to elevate the well-being of the community and shine a spotlight on local artists within their own neighborhoods.

Community members, both residents and workers, come together to celebrate and delight in a diverse array of art forms including music, poetry, dance, street art, theater, crafts, and delectable culinary offerings.

This creates a wonderful synergy, promoting cross-marketing and expanding audience reach by embracing a rich tapestry of arts, crafts, and cuisine.