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International Busking Day

International Busking Day

With the Beyond Busking Project, we’re following international trends -where busking is considered a career – providing musicians with a sustainable income. For example, International Busking Day, of which the hub is in Wembley Park, is a collective effort by the government to promote and sustain musicians. International Busking day is funded by the Mayor of London on the 25th of July each year.

With Cape Town being one of the world’s top ten cities, we feel this project has legs. We can twin with cities Sydney, London, New York, Rio, and more to showcase the success of our Beyond Busking Initiative by streaming it to the world each year. We would consider sending one of our most successful beyond busking artists to Wembley Park to busk on International busking day.



Beyond Busking Project – Innovation meets Technology


  • Innovation is key to promoting and supporting artists in a sustainable manner.
  • This project holds the key to connecting rural indigenous musicians with the latest cutting-edge technology.
  • By providing them with equipment and training we empower buskers to provide a new norm of busking, helping our tourist industry, both urban and rural.
  • Our training and video program allows them to go beyond borders and participate on an international platform within the busking arts arena – a growing, and exciting industry.

MAKING BUSKING SUSTAINABLE – Educational and Social Development Programme

  • Musicians will be provided with sound and mixing equipment to facilitate a quality performance, bridging the divide between township busking artists and international artists.
  • Masterclasses and mentorship over a 1-week intensive training period will assist musicians to:

                       – Understand and master the sound equipment provided.

                       –  Stage presence training by a drama teacher and masterclasses

                       –  Song arrangement for improved repertoire.

                       – Training in composition and music production with the loop pedal to optimize their own musical talents.



Growing Artist Performance Series
  • GROWING ARTISTS – LIVE AND ONLINE PERFORMANCES – This annual project focuses on monthly live or online performances showcasing between 4 to 10 artists on average per performance and annually promoting between 48 and 120 musicians.
  • high-quality video will be recorded and professionally edited for every concert to promote the artist through online streaming and provide them with a promotional video for local and international use.


Field Recordings
  • CTF, in partnership with execution partners Rootspring NPC provides cutting-edge Field Recordings.
  • We pride ourselves on International standards in sound and production, capturing the imagination of corporate with creativity and solutions.
  • Recording artists in rural areas or tourist destinations
  • The project is twofold: Highlighting top destinations and the beauty of South Africa and showcasing our unique local talent. Our best example is The Karoo Project, funded by ABSA and displayed on the KKNK virtual room on the new ABSA portal with artists like Zolani, Jitsvinger, and Native Young.