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Reimagine Cape Town Arts symposium will be gathering arts organizations, leaders, artists, faith leaders, businesses, and government to have Cause-Minded Conversations on reimagining the arts, busking, and a City of well-being.

Re-imagining the Arts in Cape Town is a series of Cause-Minded Conversations that take a deeper look at pressing issues in art communities and how Service Delivery and Empowerment Models are tackling them. It shines a light on contemporary art issues and seeks to map scenarios for socioeconomic change and community well-being. The nature of these sessions is intended to be an enlivening meaningful engagement within the arts and culture sector. Enlivening Street Arts focuses on sustainable work for street artists in Cape Town. The conversations include ideas about creative place-making, responsible tourism, and city policy. A City of Wellbeing presents an interfaith focus on reimagining community well-being in Cape Town. The conversation considers aspects such as quality work, humanness, and environmental justice in the context of community-cultural planning.