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Fatima Dike

The Mother of South Africa’s Drama herself, Fatima Royline Dike, tells the story of Ubuntu.

Fatima Royline Dike has not been called “Mother of South Africa’s Drama” for nothing. She is cultivating the field of South Africa’s future generations of theatre professionals. As a playwright, the Theatre served Fatima as an effective, firebrand armes de  guerre against the Apartheid regime. Her Body of dramatic work, 1976-2015, includes but is not limited to: The Sacrifice of Kreli(1976) which was published by A.D. Donker in an anthology of 4 plays called “Theatre One New South African drama” making her the first Black female playwright to be published; The First South African (1977) published by Ravan press; The Crafty tortoise (1978), Glasshouse(1979); So what’s new?; Women’s Voices; Street walking &company; Aids the next generation; The Middle Passage(came from cultural exchange with the university of Louiseville, Kentucky); Ama-Join/ The Migrant Labourers.

She will be telling The story of Ubuntu which is about the innate goodness that the Creator instilled in Africans. Caring, and sharing by creating the clan system which is at the heart of the brotherhood of mankind. Africa is the last vestige of the philosophy of Ubuntu but it too is on the verge of losing this quality of innate goodness in this story. She will be reminding us who we were originally and that we should go back to our spiritual origins of Ubuntu.