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Black Christ and the Spirit of Albert Luthuli Collection Arts Exhibition

Ronald Harrison's famous anti-apartheid painting, The Black Christ, was displayed at The Black Christ and the Spirit of Albert Luthuli Collection Arts Exhibition as part of the Cape Town Visual Arts Festival in 2007 at St George's Cathedral, Wale Street, Cape Town.

Painted in 1961, the Black Christ had long been the subject of argument and controversy. The painting depicts former African National Congress leader Chief Albert Luthuli as Christ being crucified by then prime minister Hendrik Verwoerd and his justice minister, John Vorster.

Cape Town Community Festival – Khayelitsha

As one of Cape Town Festival initiatives, the Cape Town Festival hosted the Khayelitsha In Touch Community Festival in 2008 at the Oliver Tambo Hall in Lansdowne Road, Khayelitsha.

The festival's aim was to help build the community’s social and economic fabric and draw together businesses, SMMEs, youth, community organisations and consumers to celebrate Khayelitsha’s richness and diversity.

Jou Ma Se Comedy – Mannenbergs Waterfront

Jou Ma se Comedy' on Cape Town Festival is 'Skreeusnaaks'!

The brainchild of Cape Town Festival CEO, Yusuf Ganief, Jou Ma se Comedy hosted by Cape Town Festival in 2008 at Mannenbergs Waterfront. Kurt and his merry band of funny men (and women) and took a wild ride through an evening of 'skreeusnaakse' punchlines and uniquely South African humour that will have you rolling in the aisle!

The likes of comedy icon, Mel Miller; Stuart Taylor of 'Going Nowhere Slowly' fame; Dave Levinsohn - SA's master of improvisation; Whitey Conrad Koch and his Coloured ventriloquist doll; and the queen of Cape comedy Mel Jones were also there.

Cape Town Festival Director, Yusuf Ganief said: 'Comedy is unique in its ability to allow us to laugh at our unique idiosyncracies in a spirit of fun. The fusion of comedy and jazz is a winning formula, and Manenberg Jazz Caf' is a great venue.

Cape Town Festival Human Rights Day – Black Noise

Black Noise performing at Cape Town Festival's Human Rights Day event.

Black Noise is a hip-hop crew hailing from the Cape Flats in Cape Town, South Africa. They are known as being a pioneer of Cape Town's 'conscious' hip-hop scene in the late 80s and early 90s.