Juan De Venter

Jaun van Deventer – Yoga Instructor

Jaun van Deventer, a dedicated yoga instructor at Virgin Active and Ananda Sanctuary, is known for seamlessly blending traditional yoga practices with the artistry of aerial yoga.

With a passion for fostering mind-body-breath connection, Jaun guides students through dynamic asanas and gravity-defying poses. His teachings reflect a holistic approach, promoting physical strength, flexibility, and inner tranquility. With a diverse background in aerial arts and yoga, Jaun creates an inclusive and uplifting space for practitioners of all levels to explore the transformative benefits of both grounded and aerial yoga.



Allys Dance Fitness – Zumba® Instructor

Meet Alison, a dynamic Zumba® instructor and Chartered Accountant, seamlessly blending her love for fitness with a professional background. Since 2018, Alison has been igniting energy and enthusiasm in her Zumba® fitness classes. Her passion for movement and fun shines through, creating an atmosphere where every class feels like a celebration.

With a contagious zest for life, Alison encourages her students to let loose, smile, and embrace the joy of dance. For her, if the moves are forgotten, it’s simply a remix—an opportunity to enjoy the rhythm and keep the positive vibes flowing.

Beyond the dance floor, Alison is dedicated to inspiring her students to become their best selves. Her classes are not just workouts; they are vibrant experiences that promote physical well-being and mental rejuvenation. In her unique approach, Alison proves that you can be both a Chartered Accountant and a fitness maven, breaking stereotypes and bringing a refreshing twist to the world of Zumba®. Join Alison for a fitness journey that’s not just about moves but about embracing life with passion and a big smile.


Vannie hanover park

Vannie Hanover Park

Vannie Hanover Park Walking and Running is Life is committed to providing free fitness sessions to the entire Hanover Park community. We organize sessions five times a week, and once a week, we venture out on excursions in the Cape Town area. Whenever possible, we conduct our workouts in outdoor settings to encourage active participation from the community and foster the positive change we aspire to see.

Our aim is to create an inclusive, safe, and supportive environment for our members to reach their fitness aspirations. The joy and positive atmosphere we cultivate during our workouts have a ripple effect, influencing not only each other but also our families and the broader community. Additionally, we frequently host motivational talks that are both enlightening and offer a platform for expressing thoughts and emotions.

Our club is dedicated to being a beacon of positivity within our community, collaborating with The City of Cape Town and Pick and Pay to facilitate youth employment opportunities in Hanover Park. We are constantly exploring avenues for partnerships and initiatives that promote health, fitness, and youthdevelopment in our community and beyond.

Looking ahead, we aspire to enhance inclusivity by welcoming differently abled individuals into our club and designing tailored exercise programs that can be implemented in educational institutions and various organizations within our community.

Ultimately, our mission is to create a positive impact in someone’s life, nurturing their well-being and fostering prosperity in their soul.

The Art of Wellness

Kellman Macpherson

Kelman McPherson embarked on his Martial Arts journey through an immersive five-year, full-time apprenticeship at the Kushido/Karate-Do international headquarters, HONBU DOJO. Holding the esteemed rank of 6th Dan Springbok (recapped multiple times) and boasting over 40 years of devoted teaching, Kelman has also shared his expertise internationally, conducting courses in Switzerland, Holland, England, Alderney, and Australia.

In 2002, he established “INNER DIMENSION,” a martial arts system rooted in Kushido/Karate, thoughtfully modernized for the 21st Century. Kelman offers classes at Cape Town’s Martial Arts Centre, HONBU DOJO, where he practices and instructs the Inner Dimension System based in Claremont. At HONBU DOJO, traditional karate instruction is a focal point, encompassing Okinawan Weapons such as Bo, Nunchaku, Sai, Sickle, and Tonfa. Additionally, he imparts knowledge in Tai Chi Chuan, Grappling, and advanced self-defense techniques.

Remarkably, one of Kelman’s female students, after attending his Self-Defense Course, successfully defended herself against armed robbery involving a knife and gun—a testament to the effectiveness of the training.

For further inquiries and information, please reach out to Renshi Kelman at 083 3636 254 or via email at